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Pilot Studies

Wigen offers a variety of pilot study equipment and services. Pilot studies offer vital information and data, about the efficacy of a given technology used to solve a specific set of problems. In applications such as municipal drinking water or industrial wastewater recycling, where human health and resource conservation are of the utmost importance, piloting is often necessary to fulfill regulatory requirements. Pilot and feasibility studies are the only realistic means of determining whether a treatment approach may work, and if so, how to optimize the operation, to ensure successful full-scale system implementation.

Along with the necessary hardware, Wigen offers on-site installation and start-up services. Wigen can also provide on-site operation services, sample collection for lab analysis, and technical assistance. At the conclusion of the study, our engineering group can help you review the data and evaluate the results, and even prepare written reports. We welcome you to use our knowledge and expertise to your advantage.

Available Equipment for Rent

  • Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) Filters - radium & uranium removal
  • DMI-65 Filters - iron & manganese removal
  • Catalytic Carbon Filters - removal of chlorine & organics
  • Ion Exchange Systems - nitrate, arsenic, perchlorate, heavy metal removal
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems - drinking water, industrial process, water reuse, desalination
  • Ultrafiltration Systems - removal of bacteria & viruses, water reuse, suspended solids reduction
  • Ion Exchange Demineralizers - removal of dissolved solids
  • Nanofiltration Systems - water softening & recycling of wastewater solutions
  • Oil/Water Separators - separation of oily water solutions
  • Centrifugal Separators - suspended particulate removal