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Water Softening

Wigen offers a complete line of custom-built water softeners and polishers. From small commercial units to large industrial configurations, we have a system to match any need. From a single unit to several alternating or progressive trains, we have manufactured systems ranging from as little as a few gallons per minute to in excess of 8 MGD. As with nearly all of our products, we offer an optional skid-mounting package (pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested), which makes installation quick and easy. For large users of salt, we also offer turn-key bulk salt storage and brine recovery systems which eliminate the need for handling while significantly reducing salt costs.

Typical Features

  • Premium Grades of Ion Exchange Resin
  • Stainless, Carbon Steel or Fiberglass Pressure Vessels
  • Epoxy, Rubber or Specialty Linings
  • Full-flow, Non-clogging Distribution Systems
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric or Motor Driven Valve Configurations
  • Integrated Process Controls

Optional Features

  • ASME Code Pressure Vessels
  • Hot Water Applications
  • U.L. 508A control panel fabrication
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC/HMI Controls
  • Remote Data Interface via User-Defined Network Protocol
  • Skid Mounted Packages
  • Hardness Analyzers
  • Brine Reclamation Systems
  • Low Flow Recirculation Systems
  • Brine Guard Filtration Systems
  • Co-current & Counter-current Polishing Systems