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Stainless steel GAC contactors for a perchlorate removal application.

Vertical pressure filters for iron removal in municipal drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis skids for a 5 MGD municipal drinking water plant.

Ultrafiltration equipment for a 3 MGD municipal drinking water plant.

Containerized desalination system for potable drinking water.

Condensate polisher for a utility energy-to-waste application.

Part of an ultrapure water system for a semiconductor manufacturer.

Mixed bed demineralizer for a power generation facility.

Part of a two-pass RO system for an 800 megawatt power plant.

Multiple RO skids for a 6 MGD municipal drinking water plant.

Triple water softening system for an industrial application.

High purity reagent grade system for a biosciences research application.

Skid mounted dual train separate bed demineralizer for a small power utility.

Skid mounted vertical pressure filters for TOC reduction in a municipal application.

One of the nanofiltration (NF) skids for a 1.5 MGD municipal softening application.

500 gpm Arsenic Removal System with Backwash Recovery.