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Membrane Analysis & Cleaning

Wigen is a recognized leader in performing both on-site and off-site membrane cleaning services. It is no secret that all membranes require periodic cleaning. However, most operators don't realize that not all cleaning procedures are the same. Simply applying the traditional high pH followed by low pH cleaners, may actually be compounding the problem. For example, in circumstances where bacteria or bio-fouling have occurred, specialized high pH cleaners may need to be applied before introducing low pH cleaners.

Careful attention is required to ensure that the actual volume in tanks and pipes is calculated when mixing the cleaning solutions. In many cases, the volume in the pressure vessels is not taken into account, thereby diluting the solution too much, making it ineffective. Pressure, flow and temperature are also critically important to proper cleaning. Without the right parameters, you could be wasting valuable time and money.

Contact Wigen to do a thorough evaluation of your membranes. If necessary, we will remove specific membranes and have them forensically examined to determine the fouling constituents, as well as, the means in which to clean them. Let our experience help you lower operating costs and prevent down-time.

Typical Options

  • Clean on-site using your equipment or ours
  • Remove and clean off-site
  • Furnish replacement membranes
  • Remove, clean and store membranes where uninterrupted operation is necessary