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Gravity Media Filters

Wigen designs and builds custom gravity media filters for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications. As the name implies, gravity is used as the motive for a fluid stream to pass through a bed of granular media through which physical and/or chemical removal of impurities is achieved. Gravity filters are ideal for treating larger volumes than pressure filters can economically handle. Our systems are manufactured in-house, to ensure quality control, while keeping the capital cost down.

Impurities Commonly Removed by Gravity Filters

  • Iron & Manganese
  • Suspended Solids
  • Taste & Odor
  • Color
  • Organics (TOC's & SOC's)

Gravity Filter Configurations

  • Vertical Cylinder Gravity Filters (< 500 gpm per unit)
  • Horizontal Rectangular Gravity Filters (>500 gpm per unit)

Gravity Filter System Types

  • Activated Carbon - for removal of chlorine and organics
  • Manganese Greensand - for removal of iron and manganese
  • Dual-Media - for removal of heavy sediment & suspended solids
  • Sand - for removal of heavy particulate & sediment

Typical Features

  • Single Cell (cylindrical designs)
  • Multiple Cells (rectangular designs)
  • Stainless, Painted Steel and/or Concrete Construction
  • Integrated Baffle & Trough Systems
  • Header/Lateral or False-Bottom/Screen Type Underdrains
  • Pneumatic or Electric Valve Operation
  • Integrated Aeration Assembly
  • Media Air Scour
  • Backwash Pump
  • U.L. 508A Control Panel Fabrication
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC/HMI/VFD Controls