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2024 Conferences:

Wigen will be exhibiting at the following upcoming conferences:

  • Iowa Rural Water Annual Conference – February 19-21, Des Moines, IA
  • AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference – March 4-7, West Palm Beach, FL
  • WateReuse Annual Symposium – March 11-14, Denver, CO
  • Florida Water Resources Conference – April 2-4, Kissimmee, FL
  • AL/MS Water Joint Annual Conference – April 7-10, Mobile, AL
  • Texas Water – April 9-12, Fort Worth, TX
  • Joint MSAWWA-MWEA Conference – April 23-25, Missoula, MT
  • AMTA Technology Workshop – May 8-9, Racine, WI
  • Arizona Water – May 9-11, Phoenix, AZ
  • AWWA ACE24 – June 10-13, Anaheim, CA
  • AMTA Technology Workshop – July 24-25, Sacramento, CA


Wigen Selected to Build Three Advanced Water Reuse Demonstration Facilities in 2023

During 2023 Wigen was selected to provide UF and RO demonstration facilities for signature Water Reuse projects at JEA in Jacksonville FL, Palmdale Water District CA and the City of San Diego, confirming Wigen’s status as a cutting-edge supplier of membrane technology for water reuse.

Wigen’s scope of supply for JEA’s H2.O Purification Facility consists of three 485 gpm universal UF trains, each with different modules, and two 362 gpm RO trains as well as UF and RO pilot plants. For Palmdale Water District’s Pure Water Antelope Valley Demonstration Facility, Wigen is providing a Universal UF system with two 113 gpm trains, each with different modules. Wigen is also providing a dual 126 gpm train Universal UF system and two 3-stage RO systems for the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Central Area Small Scale Facility.

Boise ID Columbia WTP UF System Upgrade Awarded to Wigen

Wigen has been awarded the contract to supply a 10 MGD UF system for the Columbia WTP that will replace and expand the capacity of the existing 6 MGD UF system that is near the end of its useful life. The contract was awarded by Veolia who is the owner and operator of this plant located in Boise Idaho. The contract includes seven 2 MGD UF trains with the first three trains to be operating by April 2023.

Wigen Awarded Two Calcite Remineralization Systems for Advanced Reuse Systems

Wigen had been awarded contracts to supply calcite remineralization systems for the Morro Bay Water Reclamation System and the Hyperion Advanced Water Purification Facility. Both installations are for advanced treatment of wastewater and will be used to remineralize RO permeate before distribution. These systems are scheduled to start-up in late 2022.

Wigen Awarded Two New NF Treatment Systems for the Warren County Water and Sewer Department

Wigen has been contracted to supply NF systems for Warren County’s Richard A. Renneker WTP (RARWTP) and Franklin Area WTP (FAWTP) for a combined treated capacity of 23.3 MGD. The contract for RARWTP was awarded in July 2020 and the contract for FAWTP was awarded in September 2020. Estimated delivery of both systems will be mid-late 2021.

Wigen to supply UF/RO Systems for Pure Water Oceanside

Wigen has been selected to supply the UF and RO equipment for the 4.5 MGD Pure Water Oceanside project in Oceanside, CA. The UF and RO systems will be directly coupled, consisting of six 0.94 MGD UF trains and three 1.5 MGD RO trains. The equipment will be delivered by the end of 2020 and started up in June 2021.

Wigen Water Technologies aquired by METAWATER


Wigen Water Technologies, (“Wigen”) announced today that it is being acquired by METAWATER, a leading supplier of water treatment solutions headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Wigen is a manufacturer of custom membrane, media filtration and ion exchange systems for a wide variety of industrial and government markets throughout North America and beyond.

Jeff Wigen, President and CEO noted, "METAWATER’s considerable resources will enable Wigen to more effectively reach its potential and provide the infrastructure needed to accelerate growth. The acquisition will specifically enhance the current array of products and services, while forming important new initiatives. Joining METAWATER aligns well with the goals of our organization and creates exciting opportunities for our employees, while allowing us to be the best possible supplier to our valued customers."

Wigen will maintain its widely recognized name as a METAWATER company. Jeff Wigen will continue to lead the organization as President and CEO, and the entire Wigen team will continue to serve its highly valued customers.

About Wigen Water Technologies, a METAWATER company: Established 55 years ago, Wigen is a best-in-class supplier of custom membrane (UF/RO), filtration (media), ion exchange (IX) equipment and process support. Wigen aims to treat, purify and reuse Earth’s most precious resource.

Pure Water Monterey Grand Opening on October 4, 2019

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Monterey One Water’s Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment Project was held on October 4, 2019. This is the first full-scale potable reuse project in Northern California. Wigen supplied the 10 MGD Ultrafiltration and 5.5 MGD Reverse Osmosis Systems for this project.

Wigen to supply 6.7 MGD RO System for ECCV, Colorado

Wigen has been selected to supply a 2-train 6.7 MGD RO system for East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District’s Northern WTP Phase II Expansion Project. This RO system includes two brine recovery RO units, providing an overall system recovery of 94%. This equipment will be shipped in January 2020 and started up in June 2020.

Wigen to Supply RO System for Marine Corps Center at Twentynine Palms

Wigen has been selected by CDM Constructors to supply four RO trains for a new water treatment plant at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) in Twentynine Palms, California. The project schedule has the RO equipment being delivered in late 2019 with start-up in 2020.

Contract Awarded for 7.8 MGD UF System for Secondary Wastewater Treatment

A contract was recently awarded to Wigen to supply a 7.78 MGD (6 x 1.56 MGD trains) Universal UF System for the City of Post Falls, Idaho. Each train is expandable to provide a future net production of 8.76 MGD. The UF system will treat secondary effluent after alum coagulation/plate settlers for phosphorus removal prior to river discharge. The equipment will be delivered in 2020.

8 MGD UF/RO System Started up at Consolidated Edison, New York

Wigen Water Technologies supplied an 8 MGD UF/RO system for boiler water treatment at Consolidated Edison’s East River facility in the city of New York. The system consists of 4 x 2 MGD trains, supplied as preassembled skids and a unique feature of the RO system is the 2 MGD skids are stacked 2-high so that they could fit inside an existing basement. The UF/RO system has been operating since August 2018.

Wigen awarded 2.5 MGD Containerized UF/RO System for New York Power Company

Wigen was recently awarded a contract to supply a containerized Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis system to provide 2.6 MGD of process water treatment at Consolidated Edison’s 60th Street Facility

The equipment contract awarded to Wigen consists of 3.1 MGD of UF capacity in two containers using BASF/Inge’s compact T-Racks with Dizzer XL modules. Following the UF containers is a 2.6 MGD RO system installed in three additional contains. This equipment will be shipped in late 2018.

Wigen customer wins 2017 WateReuse Customer of the Year Award

The Lake Mission Viejo Association was awarded the 2017 WateReuse Customer of the Year Award at the Annual Symposium in Phoenix AZ, September 9-12. LMVA received the award for its innovative use of recycled water, including the use of an Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis system provided by Wigen to produce high quality recycled water to fill a Lake Mission Viejo, replacing on average 230 acre-ft per day of drinking water previously used for lake fill.

Wigen starts up 23 MGD UF installation at Freeport, Texas

Wigen Water Technologies supplied a 23 MGD Ultrafiltration (UF) system for providing high quality cooling and utility water at The Dow Chemical Company's Freeport Site in Texas. The Freeport site is the largest integrated chemical manufacturing chemical complex in the Western Hemisphere. Feedwater for the UF system is sourced from the Brazos River and this system has been operating since April 2017. This is currently the largest installation in the U.S. using Dow’s UF membranes.

Wigen awarded 10 MGD UF/5.5 MGD RO Pure Water Monterey Project

Wigen Water Technologies was recently awarded the contract to supply the Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis systems for a reuse project for Monterey Regional Water Pollution Agency's (MRWPCA) Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment (PWM) Project in Monterey, California. The equipment contract awarded to Wigen consists of five (5) 2 MGD SpectrumTM Universal UF trains and two (2) 2 MGD and one (1) 1.5 MGD RO trains. This equipment will be shipped in late 2017.

Wigen awarded contract for Uranium Recovery Facility

Wigen has been chosen to design and build a groundwater restoration plant for a uranium recovery facility in New Mexico. Operation is scheduled to commence during third quarter 2015.

Wigen chosen for GM plant

Wigen to tackle PCB removal for a GM plant in Indiana. The multi-process system is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2015.

Vegetable Oil Processor hires Wigen

One of the world's largest vegetable oil processors has contracted with Wigen to design and build its water treatment and chemical delivery systems. The new refinery is located in the Midwestern United States and the project is scheduled for a 2015 completion.

Municipality in ND selects Wigen

Wigen wins municipal drinking water project for a North Dakota community. A late 2015 or early 2016 start-up is expected.

Kansas community chooses Wigen

Kansas community chooses Wigen to supply an integrated Arsenic, Iron, and Manganese removal system. The project is slated to begin operation in 2015.

Wigen wins contract for a Uranium mine in WY

Uranium mine in Wyoming has selected Wigen to build a high recovery membrane treatment plant which is scheduled for completion Fall of 2015.

South Dakota community hires Wigen

A South Dakota city hires Wigen to build hollow fiber UF systems for drinking water. The plant is set to open in 2015.

Wigen chosen for power utility in TX

Power utility in Texas chooses Wigen to build its high purity water plant. Operation is set to begin in fourth quarter 2015.

A CA city looks to Wigen

Wigen chosen to build pressure filters for a California city looking to remove iron and manganese. The plant should be completed in the Fall of 2015.

Pressure Filters for a Maryland community

Maryland community picks Wigen to build pressure filters for drinking water. The system should be operational in third quarter 2015.

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Wigen awarded desalination contract for GTMO

Wigen has been selected to design and build a multi-million dollar filtration and desalination plant for the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (GTMO) in Cuba. The plant will replace aging infrastructure and offer technologies designed to dramatically reduce current operational costs. The project is expected to be completed in 2015.

Illinois city hires Wigen to furnish NF

A municipality in southwestern Illinois has chosen Wigen to design and build a nanofiltration (NF) system for hardness reduction and color removal. Completion is scheduled for 2015.

Wigen wins universal UF project in California

Wigen's Spectrum Series UF is among the first universal platforms to be installed in North America for municipal use. Facing a severe drought, the City of Santa Barbara, CA moved to improve the situation by having Wigen design and build systems for reusing tertiary wastewater.

National bottled water producer chooses Wigen

A major producer of bottled drinking water contracted with Wigen to design and build a custom ingredient mixing system. Following various purification steps, the system is designed to add a custom blend of ingredients back into the water to enhance the taste. The system was commissioned in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

A water utility in Ohio selects Wigen

Wigen was chosen to design and build advanced membrane treatment systems for two separate municipal sites. Both projects should be operational in early 2014.

Wigen wins contract for City of Chicago

Wigen has been chosen to design and build a sodium hypochlorite distribution system for a municipal reclamation project located in Chicago, IL. The system will be delivered and operational in 2014.

Drinking water system for city in Iowa

A city in Southwestern Iowa selects Wigen to furnish iron filtration and reverse osmosis systems for their drinking water. Late 2014 completion is expected.

University of Colorado at Boulder selects Wigen

Wigen has been contracted to provide condensate polishers as part of a major utility upgrade project for its powerhouse. Delivery is scheduled for first quarter 2014.

Major egg producer looks to Wigen

One of the nation's largest egg producers hires Wigen to build an RO system for their production process. Equipment will be installed in early 2014.

Wigen wins bid for Alabama filtration project

A community in East Central Alabama has approved the Wigen proposal to provide new pressure filters. The project is scheduled to be completed in mid-2014.

Northern Iowa city picks Wigen

Wigen has been selected to build a reverse osmosis system for a municipal wastewater plant in Northern Iowa. Start-up should occur in third quarter 2014.

Filtration and RO for Montana city

A Central Montana community chooses Wigen to design and build pressure filters followed by reverse osmosis for a new water treatment plant. Completion is scheduled for late 2014.

Wigen selected for RO in East Texas

An East Texas community contracts with Wigen to build reverse osmosis equipment for production of high quality drinking water. The project is expected to be operational in third quarter 2014.

Arsenic removal system completed in Kansas

Wigen completed Arsenic removal system start-up for municipality in Northern Kansas. The project was completed in fourth quarter 2013 and is producing excellent results.

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New location added in the US

Wigen has added a location in Phoenix, AZ to its existing operations in Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Denver, CO and Pittsburgh, PA. This location will help support our growth in the southwestern United States.

Wigen receives multi-million dollar North Dakota contract

The North Dakota State Water Commission issued Wigen a multi-million dollar contract for the Phase II expansion of the OMND water treatment plant. The expansion will boost the total production to nearly 8 MGD of UF and RO treated drinking water.

America's leading conventional uranium mining company hires Wigen

A fully integrated producer of uranium and vanadium chose Wigen to help address its arsenic issues. The company was facing stiff EPA sanctions and needed a quick and nimble solution's provider to jump in and prevent a costly shutdown. Wigen's engineering and manufacturing team designed and built a comprehensive treatment system more than six weeks sooner than others could do it.

Tillamook Cheese issues order to Wigen

As part of a large expansion project, the well-known producer of award winning cheeses chose Wigen to design and build a new membrane filtration system. The equipment will be operational in late 2013.

Wigen contracted by Energy-from-Waste producer

Major U.S. Energy-from-Waste (EfW) firm chooses Wigen to design and build advanced water treatment systems for several of its North American facilities.  Projects shall be completed in 2013.

California municipal water district selects Wigen

Wigen receives order for reverse osmosis systems to help service a population of nearly 30,000 people in Southern California.  Equipment will be commissioned by the end of 2013.

Canadian water utility buys water treatment system

A water utility has hired Wigen to build a potable water system using membrane technology for community expansion near Calgary, AB.  The package is scheduled to be delivered by Fall 2013. 

Wigen receives Boeing contract

Boeing has chosen Wigen’s UF technology for treatment and recycling of its dye penetrant process.  The system shall be installed and operational in the third quarter of 2013.

Ohio municipality chooses Wigen

Following a competitive bidding process, a community in Northwestern Ohio chose to award a contract to Wigen for a reverse osmosis package designed for easy expansion.  The equipment is to be started-up in mid-2013.

Wigen wins Kansas filtration contract

A central Kansas municipality has selected Wigen to design and build vertical pressure filters to remove iron and manganese from their well water.  The system, which includes automated backwash recovery, will be delivered in the Summer of 2013.

Wigen chosen for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) remediation project

Wigen has been contracted to design and furnish a pressure filtration system to be used for clean-up of low-level radioactive waste and specific industrial wastes at a site in a Southern Ontario, Canada municipality.  Delivery is scheduled for third quarter 2013.

South Dakota water district picks Wigen for UF project

A water district serving three counties in South Dakota, selected Wigen after a competitive bidding process.  The project includes three UF skids and ancillary equipment to be delivered by fourth quarter 2013.

Wigen supports the Ridgeview Foundation

As part of a long-standing commitment to support the quality of care delivered by the Ridgeview Medical System, Wigen continues to make substantial contributions aimed at helping to ensure that Ridgeview has the resources to help citizens in our local community.  Look for Wigen to again be a key sponsor of Ridgeview’s 28th annual Golf & Taste Celebration event in 2013.  Last year, we helped raise over $1 million, making it one of the top golf charity events in Minnesota.  Check out www.ridgeviewfoundation.org for more information. 

Desalination plant for resort to be designed by Wigen

Marriott Hotels chooses Wigen to design and build a desalination plant for its Frenchman's Reef Resort in the Virgin Islands. The system will be operational by the Fall of 2012.

Municipality in Iowa hires Wigen to build water treatment equipment

Central Iowa city picks Wigen to provide vertical pressure filters and reverse osmosis equipment for a new water treatment plant. The project is valued at $1M and will be delivered in 2013.

Nuclear power station contracts Wigen to build UF/RO

Wigen earns contract to build a $3M UF/RO system for a nuclear power station in the southeastern United States. The system will produce approximately 5 MGD of purified water for the plant process and will be installed in 2013.

Wigen selected to build 3 MGD RO system

A community in Kansas awards Wigen an $850K order to build a 3 MGD RO system for a new water treatment plant. The system will be delivered and operational in 2013.

Pressure filters and RO system to be built by Wigen

Wigen obtains a $900K order to build pressure filters and a two-pass RO system for a Japanese manufacturer of amino acids, nucleic acids and related compounds. The system will be commissioned in early 2013.

Wigen to build purification system

Wigen hired to design and build an $825K purification system for treatment of produced water at a new facility being constructed in the western United States. Completion should occur in early 2013.

Wigen receives order for Waukegan Harbor project in Illinois

Wigen awarded $1M contract for Waukegan Harbor EPA Superfund project. Wigen will provide remediation equipment to aid in the cleanup of PCB contaminated sediment within the Waukegan, IL harbor of western Lake Michigan. The project is scheduled to go online in mid 2012.

Wigen chosen to build new water treatment system

Wigen receives $3M order to build a water treatment system for a new U.S. based Integrated Biorefinery plant producing transportation fuels and green energy. The system includes 5,000 gpm cooling tower filters and 3,000 gpm feed pumps, multi-media filters, two-pass reverse osmosis and demineralizers. Fall 2012 completion is expected.

UF and RO system delivered to the state of North Dakota

Wigen delivers $2.3M integrated ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) system to the state of North Dakota. The system will provide clean drinking water for three cities, nearly a dozen contract users and over 1,200 rural users throughout Southwestern North Dakota. The first phase will be commissioned by mid-2012 and deliver about 3.5 MGD of clean water. The second phase will increase the capacity to over 5.5 MGD.

First large scale North American ultrafiltration system using Toray UF modules starts up

Check out Wigen Water's press release on PRWeb.

Wigen awarded contract for filtration and reverse osmosis system 

A municipality in Northeastern Colorado has awarded Wigen a $700K contract to build a new 1.2 MGD iron/manganese filtration and reverse osmosis system. Plant is expected to go online by the end of 2012.

Municipality in North Carolina hires Wigen to build ion exchange plant

Wigen receives contract to build an ion exchange plant for municipality in West Central North Carolina. The plant is designed to reduce hardness, iron, manganese and radium, and is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2012.

Wigen selected to build a new arsenic removal plant in California

A central California county reviewed proposals from several firms and selected Wigen to design and build a new arsenic removal plant. The vertical pressure filter system will be commissioned during the second quarter of 2012.

Wigen chosen by U.S. Army for iron and manganese removal

U.S. Army awards contract to Wigen for iron and manganese removal for an operation in South Central Texas. The dual media type system will be placed online in early 2012.

Gravity filter and ion exchange system to be built by Wigen

Central Minnesota city selects Wigen to build new iron removal and softening plant. The double-cell gravity filter and ion exchange systems will be delivered and commissioned by mid-2012.

Wigen wins contract to manufacture 3 MGD municipal reverse osmosis plant 

A city in central Ohio approved plans to purchase a custom built membrane treatment system, to comply with Ohio EPA regulations for TDS and sodium wastewater discharge levels. The plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2011.

Reverse osmosis plant goes online in West Central, Minnesota

Wigen successfully commissions a new 1 MGD reverse osmosis plant for a municipal client in West Central, Minnesota. The system was installed to soften and remove nitrates from several existing wells.

Wigen awarded three municipal UF projects for a utility in North Dakota

A municipal client in North Dakota recently contracted with Wigen to design and build ultrafiltration (UF) equipment for three separate drinking water plants, fed with surface water from the Missouri River.

Power plant orders four-train two-pass RO system from Wigen

A major power utility located in the Southeastern U.S. recently ordered four two-pass RO systems for high pressure boiler feed. The project scope includes a chemical dosing system, membrane units, integrated CIP, permeate distribution system, electrical switchgear and a process control system.

Major biofuels producer hires Wigen to design & build iron removal plant

One of the world's largest Biofuels producers hired Wigen to design and build an iron removal plant, and expand their existing RO system. When complete, the iron removal plant will treat nearly 1 MGD and recycle much of the backwash water using a patent pending process developed by Wigen engineers.

Wigen wins contract to build two membrane treatment plants for municipal drinking water

A municipal client in Minnesota issued a contract to Wigen to manufacture feed pump skids, primary RO units and RO concentrate recovery systems. When fully operational, the plants will produce more than 4.5 MGD of treated drinking water, while reducing the wastewater created by more than 40%.

Wigen receives order for municipal UF plant in South Dakota

A municipal client in South Dakota has chosen Wigen to design and deliver a complete UF membrane system, designed to treat surface water. The system will replace antiquated treatment equipment, no longer capable of meeting the desired water quality standards.

Global food & beverage giant hires Wigen to build treatment plant

A major food and beverage producer has selected Wigen to design and build a new condensate polishing system, media filtration plant, membrane equipment and distribution system for one of its Midwest facilities. The design recently received awards from the client's environmental team, for its conservation strategies.

US EPA engages Wigen to design and build high purity water treatment systems

The US EPA awarded contracts to Wigen for the design and construction of high purity treatment systems in several locations throughout the RTP campus in North Carolina, where air pollution research is conducted.